CTF tasks
This is the list of CTF challenges I've authored.
All challenges have had contributions from team members in the form of reviews.
Challenges 2022
  • true_web_assembly | web | ctftime

    0day web challenge targeting the asmbb platform.
  • shadertoy_plus_plus | pwn | ctftime

    0day pwn challenge for exploiting Google's ANGLE and SwiftShader GFX libraries.
  • hypersecure | pwn | ctftime

    Hypervisor-escape challenge for a custom AMD SVM-based hypervisor.
  • browser_insanity | pwn | ctftime

    0day browser exploitation challenge for the browser used in KolibriOS.
Challenges 2021
  • trusty user diary | pwn | ctftime

    Kernel pwn challenge based on Dirty-COW
  • indie_vmm | pwn | ctftime

    0day VM-escape challenge for kvmtool
Challenges 2020
  • kernel-rop | pwn | ctftime

    First ever FG-KASLR kernel pwn challenge.
Challenges 2019
  • tetres2019 | RE | ctftime

    A tetris game written in a GLSL compute shader. Beat it to get the flag.